I'm a 30-something woman with a penchant for beach sand, growing tomatoes, and carbs. I've been writing since 2010 on my site "What Jen Does" about kitchen experiences, travel loves, and life moments.

The House

Oh she's a beauty. The house was originally built in 1910 and has been in my family ever since. My dad grew up there and we can tell fond stories of my aunt getting caught hauling candy in one of the bedroom windows.

The house is located in a coastal suburb of Boston, Massachusetts within a quiet neighborhood.

The Project

The goal is simple. The project is not. The goal is to build a happy, healthy home. The project entails bringing a home into modern times with new plumbing, electrical, septic, insulation, and well pretty much anything else. All the while, the dream is to save as much as possible. Like the wood floors, the builtins ... and the staircase. It's amazing.

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