Resources & Vendors

This listing is not meant to be a heartfelt recommendation - but rather a compilation of anyone that I worked with along the way. For example, I'm going to check out appliances at several locations which will all be listed... but I'll designate if I actually did business with someone.

Architect & Design //
1st Round - Heidi Condon Designs*
Final - Julie Johnson *
Kathryn Lasch (Kitchen) *

Bathroom & Hardware //
Splash in Needham (post)
Snow & Jones (Norwell)*
Republic Plumbing (Pembroke) *

Kitchen Appliances //
KAM Appliances  (post)
Yale Appliances
Toma Appliances *

Site Engineer //
Morse Engineering*
Ross Engineering*

Builders //
Boynton Construction*

Financing //
Rockland Trust
First Republic

Other Contractors//
Paul the Plumber (plumbing)
Pete (electrical)
Costello (site work)
Wolfe Painting
Doyle Woodfloors
Anderson Fireplace & Insulation
South Shore Shower Door

* = signed contracts / bought things / can provide recommendation

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