tub is here... and it's time to think about everything

The beautiful Richmond bathtub arrived this week - and I was beyond excited.

Just like your traditional birth announcement, I texted several people and received congratulations / responses that were definitely more aligned with life-changing events. Clearly the people in my life are just as thankful we are moving past this tub phase.

But the tub actually being here has helped this bathroom really come into focus more. Candidly, I was having a harder time visualizing what this bathroom would be like. Yes, it was a "master bathroom. It has some of these traditional elements like a free-standing tub but it also had some slightly wonky windows. So every inspiration image really doesn't apply to me. I wasn't going to put a chandelier above the tub because how would that look with these funny windows.

To be clear: I don't really have a problem with these windows. If there were two big windows, then someone would literally be able to watch me shower. That wouldn't be good. If there were two small windows, then I wouldn't be able to look out the window from the bathtub. That wouldn't be ideal. So one big and one small? Sticking with this.

So what is on the immediate horizon for this room?
  1. Picking the bathtub faucet
  2. Designing the glass shower install
  3. Shelves in the shower location
The tub being delivered was incredibly helpful in more ways than one. Not only was I enabled to literally see it in the space, but I then used the packaging lid to visualize how the glass shower would look. All of a sudden I just felt pretty good about it all. Not amazing, but good. 

Glass Shower
While my eyes / heart  / mind has gravitated towards some of these darker, black frames, I also know it would be a rough fit for this room. It is not a huge bathroom (which I like) and I think anything dark will be super obvious. A darker glass door like this might be a better fit for the downstairs bathroom. Maybe.
End Result? Since the metal / dark-ish doors are most likely a no-go, I'll be leaning towards something pretty standard. Just a ton of glass. The configuration of this bathroom has the tub next to the shower, so these inspiration images are pretty on point.
Shower Shelves
Where possible, I thought I would want to avoid the inset shelf in showers. I think I was scared by the shower selves I've seen on every episode of "Flip or Flop" that just make me cringe. But honestly after looking at some images on Pinterest and Houzz, I'm not totally sure what way the shelves will go.

When Jim the Contractor asked me where I was going to put my shampoo, I said "on the floor?". Obviously that's a terrible decision. So what I'm really thinking is just something simple like this for fundamentals. I also see myself bringing in a small teak footstool for other things.

End result? Seriously TBD. I need to dig in more on what the overall vision and style for this bathroom is.
Bathtub Faucet
I'm fundamentally unclear why bathtub faucets are so expensive. Why is there no Warby Parker of traditional style, free-standing bathtub faucets? I legitimately do not understand why there are only 3 options.
Nearly every plumber has cautioned me against buying plumbing fixtures and fittings from retail stores (e.g. Lowes and Home Depot). So while I don't love spending all this dumb money on dumb faucets, I am going with the cheapest of the recommended options. It would be ridiculous to make compromises at this point over quality.

End result? California Faucets. It'll be great and I'm going to treat that faucet like it's my actual child.

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