Unicorn Mirror Quest

I feel as though finding a mirror is either incredible easy or damn near impossible. I put it akin to when you hear someone speaks five languages and are so impressed and then their response is "it just comes easy to me".

For the three bathrooms in the house, they each presented totally different mirror opportunities. 
+ Master / Mirror actually came with the vanity and there were no space concerns
+ 1st Floor / Small amount of space and encroaching window. Mirror would never be centered. Additionally, there was a good amount of vertical space
+ 2nd Floor Hall / Needed to fit about a 30 inch vanity. Limited vertical space due to a structural beam and lighting placement. 

But of the 3 bathrooms, the 2nd floor hall bathroom has been the big challenge. At this point, I have now bought 5 mirrors to try in this spot. I'm looking for the unicorn of mirrors apparently. Why has this spot been hard? I'll tell you.

Vertical Space. 
Horizontal Space

I have looked at every mirror on Wayfair, Ikea, Shades of Light, Amazon, etc. It's giving me flashbacks to the vanity search. Let's be honest actually. This happens with everything. It has happened with the vanity, the tub, the mirrors.. and currently the sofa. But some websites are more helpful than others. You can cut back your search on Wayfair to show only certain shapes and sizes. It's astonishing to me that other websites don't include this. More than astonishing, it makes me pull my hair out.

Initial Goal
+ mirror above 31 inch vanity
+ lighting is above the mirror
+ maybe a darker frame to contrast with the black and white floor

Products Tried

3 + 4 / Project 62 Decorative Wall Mirror in White and in Gray @ Target $45-50


  • inspiration mirror was just that - an inspiration. It would have been way too tall for this space and also never came back in-stock.
  • Best = This is the most beautiful mirror ever. I wanted to hug it and never let it go... but it was very deep.... and with the lighting situation and height issues it was just too much. At 28.5 inches it was probably an inch too large, but the real killer was the depth. I was sad to see this go.
  • Fine = This is the one I settled for. It was very affordable. The edge is actually rubber - which is not really noticable in person. In real life it gives it a nice matte look that I enjoy. The downside it is only 24 inches in diameter... I wish it was a bit bigger. I loved the hefty and solid look of the "Best" mirror.
  • Eh  = Turns out, the black border was a big homerun for me. Even though the Target mirrors were a good size at 28 inches, I missed the stark contrast of the black. If I hadn't ever tried mirror #1 and #2, I would have gone with the white one. Mirror #5 never even came out of the box. Too small at 23 inches.
End Result? I will probably always be looking for another mirror for this spot. The "fine" mirror is just that. It's fine :-).

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