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Things are happening. I met with my architect Heidi on Friday for drinks (and eating of course). She told me she will probably have plans in two weeks. TWO MOTHER FLIPPING WEEKS. I am going back and forth between being excited and terrified all at once.

But in the meantime, Heidi gave me a few homework items:
  • Kitchen = Figure out what size appliances I want
  • Master Bath = Sit in a standalone tub

You would think that isn't exactly hard to do but I'm not sure exactly where I go to sit in tubs without looking like a total weirdo. But also I don't care. I'm already the odd ball at these showrooms. The place I went to on Saturday was filled with 60 year old couples. They were putting a lot more thought into their browsing than I was. Lots of debates about how to make a gallon of milk and orange juice work. One lady even brought her own dishes to try out filling a dishwasher. I admire their efforts.

Here's what I care about for the tub. It's a pretty small list. So I guess the real complexity is whether that style of tub is right for the space.
  • comfortable to sit in for 20 minutes
  • no jets
Whenever I look at pictures of standalone tubs, I just want to be in those rooms. They are almost always in front of beautiful windows and / or in adorable little nooks. It makes me feel like I'd be that eccentric neighborhood woman in a romantic comedy movie that nobody ever really understands but that makes great scones. I wouldn't actually be mad if that came true. 
Bathtubs are pretty divisive elements. You either like them or you don't. You either like soaking or you see them as a waste of water. I probably shower 95% of the time but I'm a woman who likes options. I want to know that I can sink in there for a couple of minutes, prop my iPad up somewhere nearby and watch an episode of Golden Girls. And for that, it doesn't matter if its standalone or surrounded by tile.

Decision: Prefer standalone slighty? But the built-in images are pretty dreamy
Pros: don't need to clean / do tile work around the tub
Cons: I'm not sure... I guess I'll have to sit in one to see.
Image Sources:
Standalone 12, and 3
Built-in 1 and 2

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