Laundry Room & Mud Room // The Idea

Space isn't infinite in a house. Especially one that was originally built in 1910... and I don't want to expand the footprint. Changing the footprint means needing to ask for permission and I'd like to avoid talking to anyone about permission if possible. Let's limit the headaches.

In the interest of space and functionality, it might make sense to combine the "laundry room" and "mud room". This potentially makes sense for a bunch of reasons.

Interesting wrinkle? This might end up being the primary entry point for the first floor excluding the front door. Thankfully I've hired a great person to make these bullets into a happy home.

The obvious?

  • durable floor
  • good walking space
  • good natural light

Laundry Room

  • washer and dryer - not stacked, but also slightly raise off the ground.
  • counter top over w&d - create a bit of a working surface and prevent stuff from falling behind
  • place to hang things to dry - ideally this isn't necessarily collapsable but more just support enough for like 5-10 items
  • ability to hide this whole mess - maybe an area to tuck away laundry baskets so they aren't in the middle of the room?
  • place for cleaning products to live that is easily accessible
  • ANTIGOAL: ironing. I may have an iron but I use it for sewing projects. If you tell me a shirt / dress / etc needs to be ironed, I'm probably going to donate it to charity. 

Mud Room

  • utility sink - I guess I can't think of a great use case but this just feels like a good idea. 
  • closet for hanging jackets / umbrellas
  • hooks for hanging items - I'm never going to use a hanger for my everyday items (jackets, canvas totes) but this would help them from living on the backs of chairs and the floor 
  • maybe a bench? wouldn't it be nice to not fall over taking off your rainboots?
  • ANTIGOAL: hyper specific storage, like for shoes. 
Link to my Houzz Ideaboard for image sources

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