What do you want?

Like any big project, I've been delaying the things that are hard and nebulous. But the way to tackle things that are big are to make them smaller. In this specific case, I'm going to make a case for the things that I care about the most... and then slowly work my way through them.
In the meantime, here are my goals:
  • Restore the house to a place that is happy and healthy
  • If you were to drive by, you would still recognize the house
  • Add amenities that make it a place for a family
  • Keep it a place that one person can still be comfortable
Goals help establish what makes sense and keep the project on track. In my job right now, the primary philosophy is to do the simplest thing first. By this virtue, you only plan for what you know you need right now. Not thinking about what you might need in ten years. A house is not exactly the right place to bring this philosophy into practice - unless you have UNLIMITED money and all the contractors in the world at your disposal.

So for me, I'm thinking about what would I like to have or use in the next 5 years. A 5 year house plan one might say

... and continually doing my best to answer the question "What do you want?".

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