Month 2

Yikes - what have I actually been doing? It's been a month and there are no pictures on the walls, nor shades on the lamps. I'll tell you what I've been doing... yard work.

There has been limited progress indoors for several reasons of which one is that I'm not currently employed ... and the second is that I keep returning every rug I buy. Without a rug, I'm not making a lot of other decisions. It's like a snowball. Rug > Lampshades > Pillows > Wall Art ... or something like that.

In addition, this is peak lawn growing season so I've been incredibly focused on weeding and reseeding all the spots in the lawn that I can emotionally manage. This is a completely endless task. I've been working my way around the house and when I made it back to the front yard yesterday there were more weeds. Granted... significantly less than before but mother f*cker - MORE WEEDS.

I care about this lawn for a couple reasons of which one is that I think every investment I make now in terms of patching and time will pay off double next Spring. That's what the internet is telling me and so I have to believe it. I've pulled so many barrels of crab grass that it is obscene. I wasn't keeping count but I'm going to guess it was 15 or so? The upside to all of this is that I'm getting strong and can easily toss these heavy barrels into the car. The downside is that I feel like my right butt muscle will never recover from all the time spent pulling weeds.

The second reason for the insane lawn care is that Halloween is coming - and it is big in my neighborhood. Not big in terms of wacky displays but just big in terms of quantity of kids and parents walking around. Last year my house was a demo site. This year, I could have 100 kids!

Master Bedroom
A couple weeks ago I came to the realization that my master bedroom was just not cozy. I think this can be fixed - but when it hit me, I was a bit bummed about it. The medium bedroom is really perfect. I could imagine myself sleeping in there. The master bedroom is just bigger and more sterile - but of course it is, there is no rug and nothing matches. So, I've been focused on solving that vision. How you ask? By buying and returning rugs and lampshades of course.

Initially the vision for the room was more of a traditional red oriental rug. I wanted to warm up the space but also differentiate it from the other two bedrooms. But, it just isn't right for me. I'm a blue person so I'm waiting on the new rug to arrive and hoping good progress comes from that.

I need to put a little more energy into this space soon as well. When I go back to work, I'll need to have a home office... and I spend a lot of time in there... and it needs to be functional. The green chair is well on its way to "completion" which is good. Ultimately, I know that I'll need a different desk as well. I love the compact size of this one... but it is just not functional for a home desk. It is perfect for a kids room ... which is why it came from Crate and Barrel kids originally.

Goals for next month? Master bedroom is cozier. Rug down in the living room. Progress on a rug for the kitchen. Baby steps folks.

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