Progress Report

Obviously a house is never really done - ever. That is one of the great and terrible things about houses. You can and will always change things. But, there is kind of a baseline that might be needed for "stable" home decor. Like each room kind of needs to have a rug and lighting and window treatments. Makes sense right?

It's been a long while since I took real pictures of the house as well. So here you can see it in all its "cluttered, half-finished, projects everywhere" glory.

Small Bedroom
Vision: cozy, more white / gray tones. Like the wrapping paper will probably go in this closet - so I'll wrap presents in this room? In some far off land this would also be the nursery for non-existent children

  • rug
  • smaller table
  • lighting --> this is a real challenge due to the slopped ceiling
  • window treatment

Medium Bedroom
Vision: welcoming guest room. Blue dresser and existing rug already make a big statement. Nothing terribly exciting in here. Just welcoming, and clean. Not a lot of decor or pillows.

  • light for bedside table --> I probably have one in my excess inventory just need to sleuth for the right fit and perhaps replace the shade
  • window treatment
  • window seat --> very far off in the future.... but I'm pretty stuck on that now. 

Master Bedroom
Vision: the other two rooms upstairs are rather blue... whoops. I don't want this to be yellow and gray anymore. I'm thinking more red perhaps? But like a deep red that would look nice with the dark wood of the vintage chest... but not too weird with the marble-y gray bathroom.

  • Bedside tables --> I have two samples coming (one from Target, one from Wayfair). 
  • lighting --> I had two lamps that I'd like to use, but would need shades
  • rugs
  • window treatment --> tricky because of the porch door
  • new duvet?
  • chair for the deck

Master Bathroom
Vision: I'd love for this to feel like a real room of the house, not an attached bathroom. The oddest - but cute - part is the nook under the eaves. It makes for a challenge of any storage space due to the tub proximity. 

  • shelving for the nook --> ideally it's a combination of place to store towels and bath salts ... and plant stand.
  • plants --> my cousin Molly gave me this great vision for layers of green plants and I can't get it out of my head.
  • window treatment
  • teak stool for shower

Vision: Very simple. I love a very clutter-free kitchen vibe. I can be a very clutter prone person, so trying my best to minimize this in the kitchen. 
  • rug --> probably in a blue but needs to coordinate with the living room
  • window treatment

Living Room
Vision: Just need a rug to pull this whole thing together. I have one that was originally in the house pre-renovation that I'm going to try out. But keeping this hopefully clutter-free and simple as well. 

Vision: I'm looking forward to this room being done as well. I get the feeling that it might be pretty cozy. At some point, I will need to upgrade that desk to something wider. It just doesn't quite support working from home too well. 
  • Finish leather chair
  • Rug --> not urgent, but would be good for this original floor protection
  • window treatment
I have absolutely no idea what this room will be. super on hold and low priority

Front Porch
Vision: I am a big front door person - so this matters to me. I thought a whole lot about this design when I changed the entry configuration. Eventually half the porch will become screened-in, but until then I just need to reorganize it a bit so it looks less like a discount store with boxes... and more like a place you'd drop by for coffee.
  • planter --> I've looked at a bunch of planters on the internet... and at Lowe's in person. I bought two this past weekend that I did not love but was hopeful they might provide directional inspiration... and they did. I think I'm going to pull the trigger on a box shaped planter in white.
  • screen porch
  • bench/chair --> I don't think benches are really all that functional. I never see anyone sitting on them - but they look great. Ideally it would just be like one or two chairs somehow arranged. I think it really needs to wait until the porch is done.
Vision: I love being outdoors in the yard... and the backyard is very much a blank slate. It is literally just a lawn. In the future, I imagine it to be much more of a private courtyard feeling. The lawn back here needs the most amount of re-seeding and love since it gets the most amount of hot summer sun.

  • clean out trash under the back trees
  • patch + level the lawn along the fence
  • find spot for garden

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  1. Everything looks wonderful. Your forethought, patience and planning has paid off. Congratulations!