Outdoor Projects

The birds are chirping which means spring is really coming... and it's amazing. I am the happiest during months when I can pick up sticks in the yard. No lies there. I did that earlier in the week and it was incredibly satisfying.

For some people yard work (or any project list) can be overwhelming. I can get that way too. What helps me is to break it down into categories and priorities. It doesn't always work but it's a great start. For example, I've needed to rake under the trees for a solid 8 months.... maybe more. But I'm feeling pretty confident that I'll actually do it.

I have visions of my backyard turning into this courtyard like oasis - but that isn't reflected in this list. This list is about 2019 priorities. Courtyard Oasis is a lifetime project :-) 

Most recently, I had an issue with some pests in the yard. Thanks to my security cameras I noticed I had a full on zoo visiting my front yard. There was a skunk, a opossum, and a bunny. I reached out to a bunch of pest control companies for help with the skunk... and received some outrageous estimates. The lowest was $800 and included pretty much nothing. The highest was $3600. Totally blown away. 

The resolution was much more cost effective. I think we spent just under $100 on supplies from Lowes. The upside was a lot more money in my pocket and a lot of bonding time with my dad. The downside was I spent hours digging 47 feet of trench around the deck for fencing. But problem solved and there is a lot of satisfaction is doing these things yourself. 

decide on veggie + flower garden setup
build garden (w/ help from my dad)
add a second walkway to the front door with granite step

fix rain barrel spout
fix garage gutter --> creating a soggy situation
re-dig some of the lawn edging that popped up over the winter
reach out to original landscaper for dead plants (if there are any)
fix the leaker hose for the front hedge (accidentally got cut)

Seasonal Prep:
rake crap out from under the trees
rake out lawn
weed beds
think about putting down weed blocker on some beds
replant front steps flower box
spread mulch
set up rain barrel
trim rose bushes (maybe? I have no idea. they seem big)
fertilize the front hedge
fertilize the hydrangeas
fertilize the peonies
apply spring fertilizer

lawn edger
1 more garden barrel

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