a friendly little kitchenette

Source: Room for Tuesday

As part of the garage project, I'm including a friendly little kitchenette. 

The idea being, it's a place to keep drinks, make popcorns, and perhaps party overflow appetizers or what not. After looking at a LOT of kitchenettes on Pinterest, I got a pretty good idea for what I am hoping to accomplish. 

Here's what I'm trying to account for:

  • 24 inch wide (or shall we say narrow) fridge
  • not a miniature sink
  • as much countertop as possible
  • not a million cabinets
  • hidden microwave
  • space for coffee / Keurig maker
What I'm not trying to do?... fill the wall with silly cabinets. If you can't actually cook in this area, what are you actually putting in all these cabinets?
Source: my design via Ikea
Seems simple enough right? Ok, here are the wrinkles. There must always be wrinkles in my hair-brained schemes.
  • pocket doors on the "utility pantry" as I'm calling it
  • pull out counter space to extend the working area
  • only 9 ft of space... but with 9 ft ceilings!

Where am I in the process now?

It should be pretty obvious that I'm also on a budget - but who isn't really. I'll be honest and say I even considered doing this installation myself. However, when I brought this idea up to my dad he told me I was an idiot :-).

I've since talked to one kitchen designer who essentially told me I should reach out to my Pinterest inspiration and see if they could help me. I wish I was joking. I've got two more leads that I'm working and we'll see how those shake out.

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