Garage Week 1

... and we are back for update and design posts!

The garage construction has officially started and is running right along. It is amazing how quickly new construction can go up when compared to rehabbing a 1900s beach house.

A little preamble? Prior to this week, we've repaired the septic system, demoed the existing garage, and poured a new foundation. All of that probably took 6 weeks give or take due to weather challenges.

Thankfully to a Nest camera, I've been able to keep a solid history of the construction. While I haven't looked back at the recording, this would have been quite a week to do so. The garage went from a pit in the ground to something with all the necessary walls. It also would have caught the crew correcting for a placement of a giant steel beam by hand... and opposed to a giant crane which had placed it the day prior.

So what happened this week?

  • all the walls went up
  • steel beams installed to support the structure
  • all first floor windows and doors framed out
  • talked kitchenette designs with Hingham Lumber --> more to say about this of course
Next week?

  • more framing!
Things I need to decide on:

  • garage door provider --> more to say here
  • bathroom vanity
  • main space flooring 

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