I'm going to get a window seat?

I'm into this thing that I call "window moments".

It makes me feel a little ridiculous even talk about. The translation of "window moments" is essentially "beautiful, thoughtful windows". You know it when you look at a house. It either just sings, or it looks like a house with windows. I spend a fair amount of mental energy thinking about not having mediocre window moments.

Earlier this week when I was walking the site with Jim (contractor), we were talking about the window order. BTW - windows are not cheap. It's like buying a car but then cutting the car up and putting little pieces of it all over your house. Poor analogy but go with it. Throughout this process, there have been two existing windows that I've said we are keeping: the oversize window in the living room and the bay window in the dining room.
Well turns out, the bay window is not "original" so that makes it just a beautiful energy sponge and not something completely worth saving. Jim suggested that we take out this window and instead "box out two side by sides". I had already proclaimed on Instagram how thrilled I was to put a Christmas tree in front of this window in 13 months, so I had to think through his suggestion more.
Was I stuck on wanting to keep something that my grandparents had? or was I stuck on the actual aestetique of it? Spoiler alert, this won't be the only time we have this back and forth. In the end, I've decided that it's actually a bit of several things:
  • lots of light // Whenever I'm in the room, especially in its demo'd state... the bay window gives off so much light
  • unique element // It stands out but not in a bad way.
  • showcase // Like I said earlier, I am planning on putting my Christmas tree in front of this window.
But, what I'm going to do is convert the bay window to a window seat. It will accomplish all of the same things that bay window did - plus it will be energy efficient. The bay window made sense when this was a dining room - but it's actually going to be part of a relaxing living room space.

So, farewell bay window. I look forward to sitting in this little window seat.
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  1. Window seats are way better. Potential storage underneath them?