Picking a Front Door

I told my contractor last week that I was a "big front door person". I'm not exactly sure what that translates to but I think it is the truth.

Here's how I break down my interest in front doors:
  • I prefer to use them over side doors / back doors to enter a house
  • I really like looking at them. They set the tone for the house.
So that's why I care about this decision. But there are several factors that come into which door to pick, some of which are technical and others more aesthetic based.
  • classic // not a lot of embellishment. simple design, but also not boring. Please not boring.
  • amount of windows // enough to see out of ... but for people to see me before I see them. 
  • keypad // I live in fear of a few things - locking myself out is one of them. So the ability to have a keypad is a must.
  • material // The house is a couple blocks from the ocean. The material could make a difference. 
Unfortunately for me, the door that I instinctively like also happens to be the most popular door in the neighborhood. It's not that I'm against having something that everyone else already has chosen, but I don't want to have a cookie cutter house. That's why I'm literally saving one that is already 100 years old. Nobody else has this house, just me. 

When I looked back on this original door inspiration post there are a few takeaways that really line up with the factors listed above. They are largely all classic and either have between 30-50% window or none at all. Since side lights (or windows) aren't an option here, I'm going to need a bit of glass on the door.... it's really just a question of how much at this point.

So, here's how I'm narrowing down my decision. By literally putting little x's over all the door options I don't like.

Step 1: Shape
Step 2: Narrow down the options

Step 3: What are we left with?
#1 - This is the door that it feels like everyone already has. It's like the bacon cheeseburger on the menu. You'd never be upset with it.
#2 - Unexpected favorite. I didn't think I'd gravitate to something with 9 window lights.
#3 - A bit of a difference from #1.
#4 - Never mind, I don't like this one.
#5 - And, I'm glad I played this game ... because I also don't like this one. There is a house in the neighborhood that has it... and I love that house. But, I think the style is wrong for me.

Decision Time: Which one is it?
I'm not sure that #2 is a safe choice and this isn't a place I want to wonder back and forth for the next 6 months on the decision. I think it might actually be option #3! But if #1 and #2 were to have a baby, then I would pick that one. I'd love have just a couple more inches of glass and the detailed accent bar.

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