Project Update: Week 1

I still have a pretty big backlog of posts that could be written - but since we are officially one week into this project for real - as opposed to for fake.... let's summarize what's happened.

After a series of false starts, the demo officially started last Wednesday! When I had been invisioning this day, I pictured myself with a hard hat wearing leggings, and taking that first ceremonial sledgehammer swing. None of that happened. Turns out renovating a home is not like it happens on HGTV. First of all, I am my only camera crew but secondly, demo is seriously messy and it doesn't happen instantly.

It's more like demo week than demo day. There is so much time and effort that goes into protecting the wood floors (THANK YOU) and then all the labor for actually getting these 100 year old walls down. While not all the walls are that old, you can see how much it slows the guys down.

Despite really giving it a shot to remove everything from the house, the demo guys did find a few things that had been hidden. While I was hoping for some love letters stashed in the beams, I didn't get that. Instead they found: 2 dinner plates, 2 decks of cards, and 1 bat skeleton. To be clear, this is a different bat skeleton than the one that was in the laundry room.

Things we've specifically saved before the sledgehammers:
  • glass blown doors from the china cabinet
  • beams from the ceiling
  • all the cabinet hardware from the kitchen
  • wood floors throughout the house
  • stairs between the first and second floor
  • large window off the living room
  • large window off the dining room

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