Project Update: Week 10

Week 10 might be one of the biggest weeks we've had so far. So much happened - and the things that happened really signaled strong progress.

Strong progress = happy homeowner = less stuff in storage... in the hopefully not so distant future.

We are almost getting to a point where we are running out of work to do without the house back on its foundation. I see endless amounts of things that can happen (plumbing, electrical, shingles, insulation, etc) but a lot of these items apparently can't be started until we are on a solid foundation (literally).

While so much happened this week, the windows are the most significant gain to me. It suddenly became a real house again. I could not stop smiling look at them. Although many of the windows are interchangeable, I got even more excited when I saw the standout windows like the upstairs bathroom and the kitchen. It wasn't until Thursday that I noticed the new bay window replacement leaning against a wall. It is so big - and great. I can't wait to see that get installed. The before and after of that transition will be something special.

Things we talked about:

  • everyone thinks the 48 inch range is too big for the house // I'm still rather firmly in the 48 inch range club and haven't been convinced.
  • window installation plan // can't do the back of the house until the house is back on its foundation

Things that happened:

  • windows were delivered
  • windows were installed on two sides of the house
  • foundation work got started, footings were poured
  • electrician came for the first time
  • front deck work started
  • kitchen designer came out and measured
  • I went to 3 appliance stores. 
Things on my list:

  • confirming how I feel about the 48 inch range

Things I'm thinking about:

  • I pretty much only think about appliances these days. 
[1] windows get delivered! The one on the right is the upstairs bathroom window.
[2] Electrician came on Wednesday. He installed the first electrical wire in the house which is apparently part of the foundation. 
[3-4] Foundation work gets started
[5] the first windows are installed
[6] side profile of the house
[7] the old slate patio is slowly coming apart with all the work happening around it
[8] first snow! 
[9] this was my 3rd appliance store visit. While I love the wooden counter, I’m not emotionally strong enough to deal with that stress
[10] more windows! the one in front is the kitchen window and behind it is the new bump out / window seat
[11] bathroom window installed. I’m in love.
[12] my favorite spot in the whole house. I love this little landing.
[13] the remnants of the old porch from the 60s-ish. You can see the original shingles.

[14] getting ready to say goodbye to the bay window.

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