Project Update: Week 11 and 12

Well, I caved and merged two weeks. In my defense, they were light weeks so it didn't feel like I was missing the opportunity to share a million pictures or updates about pocket doors.

I could just summarize week 11 by saying - too cold. I ended up being home from work two days this week and it was so frigid. I blame nobody for quitting half way through the day. As soon as the house is sealed up from the elements, it'll be better for everyone.

The thing that is really holding us all up the last two weeks has been the foundation. We can't do roof until we finish the trim. We can't finish the trim until the foundation has been finished because nobody wants to fall into the pit. We can't put on the windows and doors until the house is back on its foundation. So, it's all just one big holding pattern.

Often times people ask me "so when is it going to be done?" or simple "when is <insert phase> done?". And, I've literally never answered those questions. I also don't really care. The house is going to take as long as it needs to, and I have very little influence over it. I can't make the guy move the house back over the foundation early. I can't make the weather not be frigid. BUT - I can pay my bills so people want to come to work and I can bring them gingerbread cinnamon buns to try and keep them happy.

Things we talked about:
how we can't do a lot of work until they finish the foundation

Things that happened:
so cold that people went home early on Wednesday [wk 11]
finished pouring the foundation [wk 11]
more trim [wk 11]
got the first pass of kitchen designs [wk 12]
sealed the foundation [wk 12]
filled it around the foundation [wk 12]
fixed and prepped the entire roof [wk 12]
finished the trim on the front [wk 12]

Things on my list:
pretty much everything. Jim listed off about a million things that I either should have picked out already - or need to soon. So, that's faucets, toilets, shower heads .... and where all the lights are going. ALL THE LIGHTS.

Things I'm thinking about:

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