Project Update: Week 9

I'll be honest. I'm writing week 9 while we are in week 10 - but both weeks are so good that they deserve to be on their own. Maybe in week 21 I'll change my mind and start merging things again. BUT, week 9. We started the back deck and I died with excitement.

Not everything this week was a win. I learned that the gas company doesn't plan on setting up service until potentially June. That's seven months from when I called them if you are trying to keep track. Apparently, towns don't like them to dig in the winter and they don't believe in getting waivers. Even if you are planning on using them for essential services like ... say heating the house or for the stove.

It was a very educational week all around - but especially related to the kitchen. Both the kitchen designer and kitchen appliance people are named "Catherine" but different spellings - and both helped me to realize that I know nothing about how to make these decisions.

  • Kitchen design? It's a lot to pick the cabinets nevermind you apparently need to pick the sink at the same time - and the countertops. It feels like a lot. I also learned that you don't want all wood cabinets especially in a coastal climate because the wood swells up. 
  • Appliances? I love that there are so many options but it's also like why so many options. And not all the stores carry all the brands. I met with Catherine from Toma Appliances in Weymouth for a few hours. She was super patient and it gave a solid starting point. Biggest takeaway? I won't be able to live with a counter depth fridge. The freezer is too small.
Things we talked about:

  • where the gas meter will go
  • kitchen design
  • kitchen appliances
  • back deck design

Things that happened:

  • talked to the gas company ... and met the gas company. My local field rep "Dan" came out and met me on Thursday. Apparently the meeting was a waste considering the house is up in the air and not on its foundation. So... we'll try this meeting again in a month when the house is back in its normal spot
  • found a super cool old window in the attic!
  • finally met the kitchen designer
  • began to think about appliances
  • finished digging the foundation pit
  • started work on the back deck
  • finished the new roof line on the front
  • started trim
  • lined the side of the house in blue - which you need to do before pretty much everything else

Things on my list:

  • figure out ceiling fans
  • start to look at interior mouldings on Pinterest
  • how the front deck should look (wire railings or wood)

Things that I'm thinking about:

  • standing on this back deck looking at people hanging out in my backyard
  • as soon as I get a front door, can I also get a wreath?

[1] hard to see but this is the back deck beginning to get built out
[2] the foundation pit
[3] special surprise window they found in the attic
[4] can hardly see the house over this giant pile of dirt
[5] front of the house in the morning light
[6] so many variations of counter tops
[7] not much new down on the first floor. 
[8] great morning light in the master walk in closet

[9] a literal pile of shingles

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