Week 43

Well this was a big week.

Monday = Window cleaning + bonus electrical happened in the cellar
Tuesday = movers showed up + first pizza delivery to the house
Wednesday = screens went in windows
Thursday = more boxes unpacked
Friday = my birthday

In addition to that, I discovered a bunch of boxes and furniture from the 2015 move into storage was missing. Honestly that was the biggest part of this week. It has been all consuming to try and follow-up on information. I'm trying to not write about it until there is a resolution, but its getting harder. Needless to say I'm very frustrated.

As an upside, it is incredible how everything looks fairly natural in the house. The original dining table seems happy back in its spot. The merging of my apartment furniture and old house furniture is also going fine. There will absolutely be things that need to get purchased but hopefully none of them are new. I like to buy things that have stories attached to them - unless it's a bed. Those should be brand new.

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