Week 44

Yikes - it's been awhile since the last update. Maybe at this point they need to be monthly posts? There just isn't enough happening to warrant weekly. So what has happened in the last week? A major heat wave. As a result, pretty much nothing else. I haven't been that inspired to move anything because its too hot. I haven't been able to refinish furniture because its too hot. End result? Too hot.

Kitchen -- In the past week, we finally finished the kitchen installation. For those keeping track, that was started in June. It's August. Just another small item off the to-do list.

Alarm System -- The security system was also completed which means I now know anytime a door or window is opened. So no more secret visitors. I tried to install a Ring camera system but it was just not as good as Nest. It's unfortunate because I was hopeful for that but Nest is just too good.

Couch -- Still at a loss on this one. I went to visit the Ikea couch that I was thinking about and it just doesn't feel quite right. I don't even feel like I can pull the trigger on a West Elm couch because those are all too bit. I have found one that might be a fit on Wayfair ... and the benefit there is free returns. Hard to believe but true.

Curtains -- I feel like I need to sleep here first in order to know what I really want. I'm planning an overnight trip in the next week with Eleanor the cat. I'll use the beautiful new bathtub at the same time.

Lawn / Fence -- I met with a new fence guy last week who is about 20% less than the other companies I've met with. Probably going to pull the trigger on this. The backyard just feels so exposed.

Need to tackle:
Get a vision for the master bedroom
Get a vision for some initial window treatments
Finish painting the dresser
Start moving :-)

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