Month 1

Yikes - it's been quite awhile. I've been doing a lot - and not - all at once.

It feels like I'm in this phase of home ownership where I do something and then wait for the results of it. Two weeks ago I sprayed the crab grass... I've had to wait for all the crab grass to die before I can reseed. I buy something online... then I wait for it to come.

I've been incredibly lucky that in some ways I've saved money on several of the purchases that I made - or got credits from the retailer after the fact. I've also cashed in a bunch of credit card points for discounted gift cards. What does that mean? I haven't paid for anything at HomeSense or HomeGoods.  This is all great because apparently I should be expecting 100 trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Last year I had 25 kids. So my candy budget is quadrupling.

In the next couple days, I want to make a list of all the things that I've got on my list in order to "complete" the rooms. Complete doesn't mean done... but it means the house looks like people live there.

Random list of things that have happened
Every bedroom has a bed, but not a mattress
New Ikea couch came
New Ikea couch was assembled
Fence was installed
Gate was installed
replaced the water filters for the first time
started to repair two leather chairs
repainted a side table for medium bedroom
bought towels for all the bathrooms
sprayed for crab grass
started to pull a shit ton of crab grass
bought a new mattress for medium bedroom

Things that need to happen in the next week
bedside tables for the master bedroom
install edging for the lawn + beds
pull more crabgrass
figure out how to fertilize the hedge
figure out how to fertilize the peonies
overseed the lawn
scotchguard the couch
order the rest of the supplies for the leather chairs


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