Garage Week 3

Dare I say that I actually got things accomplished this week? Might be a bit of an exaggerated hope, but even though everything is going to take WEEKS to come in... it feels good to have made progress on some things.

I have been itching to get up and see how the second floor looks. That being said, I have limited experience on ladders or with heights so it felt like something I should call in backup for. Thankfully my dad was in the area and patiently watched me creep up the ladder to look in the window. It felt like I was peering into a secret cave filled with treasures I hadn't been expecting. Don't worry, I've got some pictures below. 

Kitchenette Stuff - I went back and forth a bit with the designer from Cape Cod Lumber. I'm still apprehensive about our ability to achieve my "vision" of the pull out table and pocket doors in a reasonable fashion. But - she is actually trying to solve the problem which is miles beyond what the previous designer was attempting to do.

Brackets - In the spirit of things that also take WEEKS, these silly architectural (but cosmetic) brackets take 3 weeks to come in... and no amount of nice talk or bribery on the phone to (yes that's a real thing) will move that date. It was not even possible to buy my way to a higher place in line. I tried. BUT - that decision has been made and I feel good about it.

Garage doors - no, I did nothing here. This week I'll get to it. Promise. Contractor Jim will for sure be asking me about this.

Bonus stuff? I got an alert from Wayfair that my patio furniture has "shipped" but that really just means it'll arrive in a couple weeks. I also ordered a big ole umbrella to continue my outdoor courtyard oasis situation. While it felt a bit presumptive to order an umbrella so early.... everything is going out of stock so quickly, so it was now or never pretty much.

Next week? I'm really hoping that we get to see all the Marvin windows and Anderson doors begin to slide into place. I'm guessing that roofing will happen in the nearish future too. 

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