Garage Week 4

One month in ... and lots of progress has been made. We've got all the framing done (I think), the roofing laid out, and just need to make it actually livable. So, electrical, plumbing, insulation, drywall, windows, shingles, and doors. Pretty much nothing left to do. In real life when you compare the pictures from one week to the next, this week might not actually look like that big of a jump - but it did take a lot of thinking to figure out the mudroom roof layout. I feel like in the blink of an eye it could look like a real garage.

what happened this week:
- more kitchenette design talk
- roof went on the new mudroom
- talked to the patio guy about doing the granite steps for the new mudroom entry
- took advantage of the Wayfair Wayday Sale
- 2nd floor got framed out
- windows arrived!

Kitchenette talk - more to come on this. I connected with my sister's friend who runs a custom woodworking business out of Rhode Island called Riveted Woodworking. Truly trying to find the best solution for this space that doesn't break the bank but also doesn't compromise on quality or vision. At this point, I have a lovingly curated 7 page deck available with specs, notes, and references whenever I need to talk about it.

New Mudroom Entry - The combination of the existing lot elevation and the attached mudroom will require 3 steps. To make it more fun, there will be a supporting post for the overhang. I am really in love with how this is all shaping up honestly. I had to connect with Patio Guy Paul (of Advanced Landscaping) to see if he could add this on to our scope of work. 
Wayday sale - I'm not a huge fan of shopping under pressure - but I also really like a deal. While I haven't done much thinking on outdoor lighting, I have been mining the internet for bathroom vanities for a couple weeks now. And luckily enough, it happened to be on sale. I also pulled the trigger on a big 9x12 blue rug. 

Windows!!!! - The Marvin windows arriving is such a big deal to me. I can't get enough of the natural light and I feel like they make things real. I had a huge shit eating grin when they arrived for the main house... and this wasn't entirely different. There are a lot of windows going into this addition. 6 specifically in the 2-car garage.

Homework list for next week:
- garage doors (but for real now)
- check in on kitchenette appliances
- pick out flooring

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