One Room Challenge: Kickoff

Life is too easy. I clearly don't have enough going on, so I've decided to also try and freshen up my front room. This space has been on my radar for a long time. I'm a big front door person, so this is literally the first thing people see in my house.
And it's just not that great. 

But it has a lot of potential.

Because of the obvious other projects happening (ahem - garage project)... there are a couple drivers in this project:
  • try to limit the scope to something reasonable
  • try to keep the budget low
  • try to not DIY everything
So, I'm kicking off this space for the next 8 weeks as part of the One Room Challenge.

Design Intentions:
  • My goal is for this to not seem like a nothing space. 
  • This is a 1900s beach house, so it was the "parlor". I'd like to just feel proud and that it doesn't look like a dumping ground. It might not get used a whole lot because it is a little weird but I need it to just be better than it is :-) There is nothing tying anything together right now.
  • This is a super high traffic area and includes the front door. I'm a big front door person :-) It doesn't feel like a place anyone would ever sit or is very welcoming. All of the furniture is inherited as of now. I'd like to keep as much as possible, and am most willing to get rid of the buffet. The leather chair has to stay. The rest of my house is open and bright. 

So, what's the plan? Yeah, that's a really fair question.
Week 1 - plan
Week 2 - clean out, getting rid of furniture 
Week 3 - affordable picture frames
Week 4 - brown leather chair
Week 5 - table between chairs
Week 6 - art above fireplace
Week 7 - window treatments
Week 8 - reveal

Super ambitious goal? Reupholster the two chairs. It feels like a lot for this time frame given other projects that are happening - but we will see. 

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