front door // love

I'm a huge lover of front doors. I love to look at them, decorate around them, and walk through them. That last part? Yeah, I think that's where I'm perhaps a little different than most people. I find it so fascinating that people have these "objects" in their house that they don't use. This can be a fancy sitting area, an appliance, a dining room, etc. I really want to avoid this principle. I want to walk through my front door ... daily.

Not only do I not have the extra cash to do things that don't matter, but it would also drive me crazy. It seems to wasteful to have things that I don't actually use. BUT, back to the front door. Whether it be at my parents house or where I am now, I just really enjoy using the actual door. It's like an official welcome back to your sanctuary from the world.

Really excited to craft one of this entryways for myself.
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  1. LOVED this post & Love the exterior panel door, half glazed door and colorful painted door. Doormat, door number and wreath, give elegant and welcoming look of the home. I Specially fan of decorative front doors. Thanks & keep posting

    1. Thanks Martin! Any suggestions for other posts? Would love to hear them.