Kitchen // The Idea


If I was to keep a food diary (which I'll never do), people would probably be confused. I really love cooking but also really love having toast for dinner. I consider Kraft Mac & Cheese a delicacy. My go-to snacks are pretzels and goldfish. I have very strong opinions on both. I recently came upon the knowledge that the nutritional facts for whole wheat goldfish and cheddar blasted goldfish were nearly identical.

In all of this though, I like to cook. I like to play Spotify slightly loud while I chop vegetables. Sometimes I'll watch Netflix but either way, I'm happy in the kitchen. I like feeling as though the cabinets have order, pulling ingredients out, and lining them up like soldiers near the cutting board.

So, the kitchen is important. Having lived in apartments essentially from 2005-2016, I should be happy with just having a dishwasher and a level surface to cut vegetables that doesn't include part of the sink. But of course there is more. There are decisions about cabinets, refrigerators, islands, sinks and more.

Here are my high-level preferences which of course will require much more intimate detail in the future... because of course there are reasons why I want A over B.
  1. Natural Light... and a lot of it.
  2. Farmers Sink // less potential for showing scratches
  3. Gas stove // Like a good 5-6 burners? So I think that puts me in the 36 inch versions... but we'll see.
  4. Fridge // Obvious. But, with an ice maker and doors wide enough for a pizza box. Priorities.
  5. Not a pantry but a pantry style cabinet // Want to get at all the stuff without moving all the stuff
  6. Pot filler by the stove // Not quite sure why it's so hard to carry a filled pot, but not empty one... but I want this.
  7. Cabinets // No open shelving, or glass cabinets. Or like one. I don't want to try and keep my dishes perfectly organized... and nobody needs to see my collection of plastic cups.
  8. Homes for small appliances // Like some sturdy pull out cabinets to put mixers, and blenders and my beloved rice cooker on. I just simply cannot reach above the fridge.
  9. Bookcase & Shelves // Cookbooks belong in the kitchen. This would be neat in the island or something easily reachable.
  10. Lighting // Under cabinet lighting and some gorgeous lights over the island
  11. Electrical // Plugs in all the right places
  12. Garbage disposal // Pretty much for coffee grounds exclusively
Here are the things that I'm up in the air about:
  1. Double ovens // setup and necessity. What I really need is like 1.5 ovens... Also, I discovered an oven that has FRENCH DOORS. Let me repeat. FRENCH DOORS. I'm in love.
  2. Island functionality // I don't think I want a sink. But I'm torn about whether it is one level or two.
This clearly requires a whole lot more thought and effort but you have to start somewhere... and this is that.  Also, I'm beginning to think that I like some blue-ish cabinets. Feels like a trend happening here.

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