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I'm not sure when I started to fall in love with oriental rugs. I think it was a gradual transition from the over dyed rug trend - then wham... oriental rug love. Wham is clearly a technical decor trending word. 

I think what I love most about the rugs is there is so much detail and there is a story behind them. That rug lived in someone else's house before it lived in my cozy reading room. And perhaps someone else already spilled coffee on it so it won't be as big of a deal when I inevitably do it one morning. 

After recognizing this as something that I was drawn to, I scoured Pinterest for an hour looking at other uses of oriental rugs. It seems like there are two primary takeaways: 99% of the time they are red and people love to put them in kitchens. I'm quite confident that I am too spill prone to put a lovable rug in the kitchen but I'm sure I'll find some quite cozy place.

BTW - the cover image is from this shop that I stumbled on via Instagram. The name is "Old New House"and they were voted a best vintage rug shop. Their entire Instagram feed is pretty much feet / shoes / boots on rugs... and I love it. 

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