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After this recent post, I got an encouraging email from my architect. If I'm being honest, writing that post was a bit of my way to communicate that I was struggling a bit. That I felt behind. That I needed a reminder to make progress... and that progress wasn't permanent.

The phase we are at right now is really about designing a master plan. We are iterating on designs to get the ideal set of plans. And it's great to consistently remember that plans aren't permanent - especially when there isn't a price attached to them yet. It's lovely to think about having a deck off that bedroom... but let's figure out how much that costs.

Subsequent to going through this process, I've determined the best way to describe the process is as follows:
  • Generative // No holds bar idea brainstorming. Don't try to organize any thoughts, just get them on paper. Sticky notes are ideal because you can move them around and it doesn't feel permanent. Make a mistake or change your mind? Crumple that sticky note right up.
  • Synthesis // After you have your notes all written out, what themes are emerging? The themes are different based on what project you are tackling. 
  • The Why // You might be able to get to the "why" earlier in the process ... but in this specific generative capacity it is the result of why you wrote what you did. 

So on Saturday, I set up my workspace. I laid all the plans out on the table. I lit a candle. I made myself a cup of tea. I grabbed a black sharpie and some sticky notes. Then I just went page by page. I didn't filter my thoughts as I was making my way from room to room. How did this design make me feel? No attempt to organize my thoughts. Just jotting down things that I was thinking about. The lack of organization and pressure helped to open up my thoughts. Sure the papers weren't covered with stickies but it felt like I knew what was actually in the plans and what that might mean for me.

After going page by page, I ended up summarizing my notes into three stickies: Love, Concerned, Need. This felt really natural but if I had tried to group my notes from the beginning I would have felt stifled, restricted, and anxious.

The Why
The notes all come back to what I perceive is a "need". Communicating these needs to my architect is fundamental to helping her build a master plan that not only works - but is exciting.

So where are we now? We are through phase one of reviewing the plans. I honestly have no idea how many times people go back and forth on this - but I'm trying to be really organized with my thoughts. Organized thoughts = better meetings = less time spent = lower costs. I kid you not, I get that excited feeling you might remember from a great date when I think about certain parts of this house. We added a deck off a back bedroom that will overlook the yard... and I can imagine standing on that deck with a cup of coffee and maybe a kid on my hip. All the feelings. All of them.

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