Get it Done // update

I am writing this post because I'm falling behind.

Two weeks ago I met with my architect Heidi over a preliminary draft of plans... and then I've made little progress since then. It's on me. I was supposed to review the drawings, write on them, make notes, move things around, think about it... and then we meet again. We improve. We iterate. We make progress.

But, I had to cancel that 2nd meeting due to work... and I'm feeling nervous about that 2nd meeting. A house isn't done until it's done... but what if I change my mind about that master bathroom setup? What if suddenly moving the kitchen is too much? What if I decide I don't want a free-standing tub?

I need to just rip off the bandaid and do it. Make some notes and get started. It's not exactly accurate to say "falling behind" when there is no deadline but in my heart I know that I'm behind. Just like the post I wrote about getting started, I need to do that again.

- review the drawings again
- make list of the things that I'm thinking about
- make a list of the things that I love
- make a list of big concerns

That can't be too hard? I've got a little bit of free time coming up next week and my goal is to get this first pass of feedback through before I start thinking about Thanksgiving desserts.

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