Shutters Party // Love

Oh shutters! Be still my beating heart.

There are many things that I love about my old house - but the shutters are my jam. The current shutters are a majestic and deep shade of green. To add a little more charm, the shutters have little pine trees on them. I think I looked past these shutters for a really long time. I never really noticed them. But when I began to think about renovating the house, the shutters were something that stood out as a "must save".

All that being said, how to actually style shutters on a house is a bit of a mystery to me. Thankfully Heidi the architect seems to have some very educated opinions on how to use shutters in this century. I think the main rule that I've gathered is that you only want to use them where it makes sense. You don't have to use them on all the windows.

My goal is to use as many of the original shutters as possible. While I hadn't considered changing the color, I also don't think I'll do that. I love the dark green - at least as of now.
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