Small Bathrooms // The Idea

I'm supposed to be writing a post about windows right now but it is just not very inspiring. Windows are super important but I'd rather think of something fun and enticing. So that's how we landed powder rooms. Also known as a half bathroom. Also known as where you run to after speeding into the driving from a real long commute home.

The downstairs bathroom might be one of my favorite rooms to think about. It is probably pint sized but you don't want it to be boring and just a place devoid of style and interest. Sure the door will be ajar or shut more than not, but why not make this necessary part of the home just as gorgeous as the front door. Just kidding, the front door obviously wins.

When I think about the half bathroom, here are the elements that I consider required:

  • toilet
  • sink
  • mirror

But there is still so much room for creativity and options. I've been talking through many bathroom styles with my sister as she is currently renovating their downstairs bathroom. Do you want a pedestal sink or something with storage? What color grout? Bead board? Maybe shiplap? As a small wrinkle to this "half bathroom" vision board, I think we are pushing for a "full bathroom" on the first floor. In my apocalypse driven brain, I need to have a full bathroom for when I break my hip and need to live on the first floor and it's too cold to use the outdoor shower. Makes sense right?

But for now - let's all enjoy these inspiration images. It's kind of amazing how if you asked me what I wanted I might not be able to tell you but these 13 images really pull together a bit of a vision: lots of white and gray, perhaps a statement tile, decorative wall accents like tile or shiplap or bead board, and maybe some open storage. Given my inability to fold towels precisely, I feel like we might have to ignore this "open storage" interest. No need to add towel folding anxiety to this list of things to work through.

Link to full Pinterest board for Small Bathrooms
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