Week 13 & 14

So - not much. These weekly posts were easier to write when work was actually happening and it was not freezing cold. Also, I've been buried in mood boards so all my mental writing energy is on faucets. I know this sounds totally bananas but it hit me yesterday that I literally had to buy everything that was going into this house. Nothing is coming for free. No bonuses. Everything is being picked out and bought by this girl.


But, back to week 13 and 14. In general, it's just been too cold to do anything. As of today I think we are on like day 10 of temperatures being below freezing. Nobody wants to work on my house because without doors... you can't contain heat... and without heat you loose feeling in your fingers. Fingers are important.

What has happened in the last two weeks:

  • shingles arrived for the exterior
  • house slowly began the process of moving back on the foundation
  • boarded up the house for the blizzard
  • dug out the foundation after the blizzard

Outside of physical home improvements, we've also continued to make design progress:

  • Electrical Plan // Jim and I met at a Starbucks on a particular frigid day. Essentially the most important thing we need to figure out now is ceiling stuff. This means - can lights, chandeliers, pendants, etc. 
  • Kitchen Design // Got the first round of designs from Norfolk Kitchen before Christmas but finally got around to sending feedback. More to come
  • Bathrooms // This is where it feels like most of the design stuff is happening. There are so many elements to bathrooms! Floor tile, sinks, faucets, lighting, walls, tubs, etc. And toilets. 

So what's coming soon? I think this week the house will be back on the foundation. That's all I'm hoping for. My goal is also to finish the mood boards so that next weekend I can go to the tile store. Plus when the mood boards are done I can try and shop around more to get the best pricing.

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