Introducing: Mudroom and Bathroom #1

I've been jumping into more of the design details recently but was drawn to reflect on some of the differences between the design iterations over the past year plus. I'm so excited about where this house is going - and how far it is from the awkward designs of a year ago.

Here are some details about one of the main functional areas of the first floor: the mudroom and bathroom area. Some details:
  • this is a high utility bathroom // it is the only bathroom on the first floor. So it'll be used whenever someone is sprinting in from the grocery store, guests are over for dinner, or perhaps when I'm home sick with the flu and stuck on the couch.
  • location // close to the back door and off the mudroom
  • full bathroom // it was important to me that there be a full bathroom on the first floor. I joke that it I need it for when I break my hip and need to live on the first floor - but that's a real example that happened to my grandparents
  • mudroom // really want this to be functional without looking like I'm ready for a family of 7 to move in. In other words, not a million cubbies and hooks.

This bathroom has undergone a lot of different design iterations that feel relevant to share. Design takes iteration for sure but incredibly thankful for the latest designer solving all those problems and adding a small linen closet.

  • original
  • Draft 1 = no shower
  • Draft 2 = weird European shower
  • Draft 3 = added a ~2 ft bump out to the side to make a less European shower
  • Final / Draft 4 = current design

When comparing the original with the latest design, I love seeing how little change is really happening. Despite adding a full bathroom and moving the back door, the vibe still feels similar. There is still the office that I love (and is in all the old family pictures) and everything is much more functional. Pretty excited to walk out from my office and be right near the big family room with my double sided fireplace. Jackpot.

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