week 16!

Happy 4-month-aversary to my construction site!

This would be a perfect time to travel back in time and do some side by side comparisons but maybe we'll save that for next week. I'm still deep into plumbing fixtures. Hey remember when I was worried about shingle color? Those were the good old days.

After about a month of nothing happening except a blizzard and bitter cold weather, activity has picked back up at the site. The house being up in the air has been a huge roadblock for progress - so logically getting the house on the ground is a key part in moving forward. Well this week that got a whole lot closer to reality.

Over the course of the week, the house slowly inched closer to the front of the lot and by Saturday afternoon was about 2 feet off its foundation - which is a far cry from where it was even a few days earlier. For the past several months the views from each room have been a bit skewed since the house was in a whole different perspective than it would be in real life. It is great to feel like what I see now out the windows is what I'll be seeing for the next 100 years.

What happened this week:

  • house moved forward and began to drop down
  • rubber seal on the upper decks went down
  • I went to ANOTHER plumbing store (Republic Plumbing)
What didn't happen this week:

  • I feel like I moved further from making plumbing decisions
  • I never wrote back to the kitchen lady
What needs to happen next week:
  • write back to the kitchen lady
  • make final decisions on bathroom fixtures at least
  • finalize beginning lighting plan (e.g. can lights, ceiling fixtures)

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