week 15

So not much to report.

The house hasn't moved. Which means, the house looks exactly the same as it did last week - and perhaps even the week before. But, it's getting closer. Every week I say this, but as soon as the house moves onto the foundation this work is going to really pick up speed ... and I'll find myself behind again.

I have spent a fair amount of emotional energy on beginning the designs for each of the bathrooms. I learn something new every day. Yesterday I went to the tile store to begin the process of picking out tile. The last time I went to Bellew Tile - I was completely overwhelmed. I had a rough vision for the house, but nothing incredibly specific. Which is where each of the individual room moodboards has been incredibly helpful. I knew what type of product I was looking for and so the massive selection wasn't as overwhelming.

Things that happened this week:
  • went to the tile store
  • nothing happened to the house
  • thought a lot about bathtubs (post)

Things that I should have done this week but will do next week:

  • kitchen designs // got the 2nd round of designs back from the kitchen designer at Norfolk Cabinets. Owe this nice lady a good, solid email back.
  • paid the last engineering bill // the first invoice had one line item .... which didn't exactly make me feel good about cutting a big check, need to review it and just get this off my mind/list.
  • master bathroom moodboard // I'd honestly be satisfied if I can figure out the bathtub situation. 
Coming up soon?

  • Bathroom vanities
  • Start a moodboard for moldings... but maybe after I finish all the bathroom moodboards.

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