Moving day?

So the house is not done. Theoretically, a house is never done right? Always a little project in the works.

But - I'm feeling incredibly conflicted about the fact a moving truck is showing up tomorrow with a shit ton of stuff. You'd think I would be so excited and bouncing off the walls. It's not that I'm not excited but I'm having a hard time transitioning  from "project" to "home". This place still feels like a project to me.

Don't get me wrong. I still love this blessed little stress trap of a house. I think it's the idea of filling it with all my old crap that is terrifying to me. I don't plan on ever moving again but - the main takeaway is don't put your stuff in storage for 2.5 years and be excited to see it again. I know that I'll change my mind on this but I can't think of one thing from my old apartment that I'm looking forward to seeing.

Today the movers called twice to confirm the appointment. The second time was to make sure I was aware that I had 5 lifetimes worth of belongings with them. "Do you want all 5 vaults delivered?" "Yep, bring everything". What did I really want to say? Burn it all in a fire in the parking lot. Send me the ashes and a smore from the party. If they had called a third time with any question, I guarantee I would have all out cancelled the whole day. In fact, the appliance store company asked to deliver my washer dryer tomorrow and I said no. Come another day. I'm at my limit.

So what's the game plan for tomorrow? All the boxes are going into the cellar. Maybe one or two exceptions. Bed frame is going in the spare bedroom. Mattress is going in the master bedroom. All furniture on the first floor. Take the old couch to the driveway and set it on fire. I'm not even kidding. It's from 2006 and I've moved it SEVEN TIMES.

  1. 1st apartment on St. Botolph Street in 2006
  2. Into grad school in 2008
  3. From grad school to storage in 2010
  4. Out of storage in 2011 into Sheafe Street in Boston
  5. Into North Street across the North End in 2013
  6. Into storage in 2015
  7. .... this fateful trip into my forever home.

Time will tell how the day goes - but there is a decent chance I have a fire sale on all my belongings. Turns out I like living in a completely empty house. It's pretty relaxing to just lie on the floor.

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