week 17!

After several weeks of very quiet progress, week 17 was one where we picked up momentum again. The biggest thing? The house is on the foundation. That's right. After about 3 months in the air, the old lady finally landed on her brand spanking new foundation.

With the house finally in its resting spot, everything feels different. We spent the last 12 weeks staring up at it. So now all the perspectives have shifted. I like that the house feels smaller now. There is something about it being a bright shade of blue and 8 feet or so in the air that makes it seem gigantic.

Other updates? The bay window replacement happened! I swung by one morning before work to look at the framing and was pumped.... and then that very same day the window went in. It isn't as gigantic as it felt it would be when they had just cut the whole in the wall  - which is fine. It will be perfect for a Christmas tree. And maybe some day in the future, I'll use it to watch the kids at the bus stop that is right on the corner. Wouldn't that be just peachy?

Things that happened this week:
on the foundation
cellar support poles
new window got boxed out
yet another trip to the plumbing store

Things that didn't happen this week:
I still haven't emailed the very nice kitchen lady back
pretty much any decisions. It was a really busy work week.
Asked Jim about adding a window ledge to the kitchen

Next week:
I absolutely will email the very nice kitchen lady
I'm over making guarantees on plumbing fixture decisions


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