how many shades of gray is too many? don't care.

I have relentlessly controlled so many aspects of this house. I have picked out ... everything. I did ask for consultive opinions on big things like the tub and the tile. But not to get all braggy, but I really have picked out everything without consultants. That is until it came to paint. 
A couple people mentioned to me that you can have this local hardware store out to help you pick colors. So for a whopping $50, a very nice woman showed up to my house with a stack of paint chips... and we picked colors. The entire job was done in less than an hour. 

Without this woman, I am convinced that I would have stared at colors for at least three weeks. Instead, I have this cohesive 1900s beach house. Yes, it's a lot of gray but I'm good with that. The color will come from art and furniture. In particular, I'm envisioning a giant gray deep sofa on a red rug. I am however dreading seeing all of my belongings that have been in storage for 2 years. 
Color Name
Office / 1st floor bathroom
Small Bedroom
Hall Bath
Medium Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Master Bath
First Floor / stairs / 2nd floor hall

Simply White

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