week 37

I'm getting confused about all the weeks at this point. I think I probably talk about them like a pregnant woman would. I'll just start hashtaging things with the week. I was doing really well with individual weeks until this one. Life got busy and I kept having it on my list... and then I would get to the next thing and not this.

But these have been some big weeks. The tile is really really happening. We only have a few areas left - and of course all the original designs have changed a bit. The bathrooms have come out beautifully. If I stand in the master bedroom doorway, I can see both bathrooms at the same time and it's perfect. The crisp white subway tile from the hallway bathroom.... and then the beautiful legs of Richmond the tub.

What else has happened? The landscaping of course. After a lot of texting updates, the lawn has been seeded, the hedge is in, and the hydrangeas have started to bloom. I wish I had the budget to do sod over seed because all this watering is a lot of work. And to be clear, I've barely done any of it - my dad has. But, we stare at the soil and try to figure out if its too dry or too wet.

things that have happened:
light fixtures have started to go up
master bath tile is complete
hall bath tile is in progress. pending grout on the floor
1st floor tile is in progress. pending tile on the wall
landscaping is done
got final estimates from a few glass door people
gas line was installed
cabinets were delivered

things that haven't happened:
haven't picked a glass door supplier
haven't picked a fence company

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