week 35

I think a lot actually happened this week - which is a nice change of pace. Or maybe it didn't and I'm just lying to myself. Honestly, both could be true.

We still have not started landscaping yet but I'm incredibly eager for that day. I can't wait to just stand there and watch the grass grow. And then inspect the hydrangeas for blooms. And then after that move some of the pea stone pebble with my foot. It's going to be great. But in the meantime, it's a bunch of dirt.

If there was one big thing that happened this week it might be getting all the drainage in the yard sorted out. Now all the gutters apparently tie together and hopefully there won't be random puddles of water in the yard. In the spirit of more digging, we put a trench out to the garage for electrical. Fundamentally it's a mystery how the electrical was there in the first place, we have not found that original wire at all - but now the garage doors will be able to go up and down and then up and down again. Long term plan is to do much more to this ole garage but some hiccups along the way put a giant roadblock in front. Dumb.

But honestly, I feel like we are actually getting close. All I can think about some days is how excited I am to take a bath. I have visions of filling the bathroom nook with tons of green plants. It's going to be awesome.

Other small updates:

  • In the spirit of buying things, I picked up all the lighting from the light store. It was a whole lot of boxes. Still need to finalize some exterior lights but we should be good on the interior.
  • Still searching for a replacement sink in the kitchen
  • A little bird told me that kitchen cabinets are being installed on the 14th - so that's one week away!

Things that happened this week
cabinet install date is tentatively set
drainage for gutters was installed
heavily stalked the gas company to install the meter
realized the electric company never does the job correctly - ever
tile guy Francis got started by installing the backer board
original phone line was installed
kitchen sink is heavily backordered

things for next week or asap because I'm behind:
stone around the fireplaces
buy the remaining faucets

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