week 36

I spent much of the week just waiting for two things to happen. I wanted to have the gas meter installed and I desperately wanted the landscaping done. I didn't really achieve either of those items. I honestly feel like building a house is a lesson in patience on how to not go nuclear on someone. To this point, I think I've managed to not go nuclear on anyone. I did flip out once on my dad, I had one breakdown on the streets of Somerville. When the cellar flooded, my heart rate absolutely was elevated.

But, Columbia Gas is really pushing all of my buttons. I have no gas meter ... and it's been months. I am now calling my contact twice a day for updates and sending emails reiterating the delays ... and demanding monetary compensation for the delay. It's really cute. It's probably hard to believe but I do think I am being nice about it. Like when I talked to "Dan" on Friday at 11 AM, I said "hey, we haven't talked yet today. so what did you have for breakfast?". I'm very sweet.

High points of the week? The tile and the landscaping starting. I was smiling like an idiot when I first saw them. It's just so exciting. This is a terrible analogy but it's like making a quilt. Picking out the fabric is nice and you like it. It's labor intensive and exhausting to do all the manual work. You get a little excited for each row or square coming together as you sew them .... and as you sew more and more of it together... the picture gets clearer and crisp and closer to completion. And that's where we are. I'm tired but happy.

things that happened:
landscaping started
front step installed
lighting fixtures started to get installed
1st floor shower got tiled
2nd floor hall bath got tiled
master bath shower got tiled
master bath floor got tiled
kitchen got an install date
met with a shower installer

things that didn't happen:
no gas meter install

things that need to happen:
clean kitchen hardware... or buy new stuff

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