week 38

This was quite the week for the ole lady. The lawn really started to come in... and the cabinets were installed. Lots of really obvious things that people love to talk about. I have spent so much time watering this lawn that it's like having an infant. I'm checking on it every three hours. I think that's how often people feed babies but I really have no idea.

The cabinets were quite the process. I think they originally said it would be two days... and it ended up being four. It was so great to see the first couple get installed. The colors are totally perfect and look amazing together. And any lingering doubts over using the original hardware are gone - it's amazing. The first second that I saw that beautiful copper tone against the gray I was sold.

So what's the bummer this week? The top elevation of the cabinets. There was a mistake with the measurements (my opinion) and there is an inconsistent gap between the ceiling and a few of the cabinets. As of now I'm pretty bummed and worked up about it - which is honestly made worse by the cabinet company not (1) proposing a solution or (2) admitting that this is wrong. 

Unfortunately for all of us involved I have more free time to hammer on this since the gas line debacle has been resolved and I'm taking some time off work. I'm not sure what the ideal solution is here for the cabinets but maybe it's some combo of a decorative beam and soffit? Who knows. But until this is resolved, the cabinet hiccup is really holding up and delaying EVERYTHING:
  • until they resolve the cabinets, I won't buy the countertops
  • until I buy the countertops, they won't process the order ... and now I'm going to lose my install date
  • until they resolve the cabinets, we can't finalize the last tile order because the original plan isn't feasible anymore

I'm just incredibly reluctant to move forward with the countertop because I feel like I'm losing any drive they have to finish this order. Contractor Jim is incredibly smart and creative. People just need to talk to each other... 

things that happened this week:
tile on the first floor bathroom walls
tile on the fireplaces .... twice
grout the upstairs hall bathroom tile
touch-up paint in lots of places
cabinets got installed
countertop measured
ordered the rest of the plumbing fixtures

things that didn't happen:
I didn't buy shower doors
I didn't buy the fence
I didn't figure out closet storage
I didn't figure out window coverings

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