oreo icebox cake!

It really feels like a lifetime since I did a recipe post - but here we are ... and I have one. Actually I have several but here is just the one I can write up right now. This recipe also comes with me admitting something. I might like Oreos.

I'm always a proponent of making cakes over buying them - always. It's like making a sundae but not putting sprinkles on the top. Why not just finish the job? That being said, we have a lot of great bakeries around us that make great cakes. I just really like to spend time in the kitchen. This cake is both incredibly fast... and slow at the same time. It takes virtually no time to prepare but you need a solid 7-8 hours for it to set.

But you've got some options here:
+ make your own whip cream ... or use cool whip. Since this was a special occasion, I went with full fat heavy whipping cream. But, any other time I would probably go with cool whip. It's just so easy and still tastes great.
+ fun stuff in the layers! If you are looking to spice this up a bit, toss in some small fruit or sprinkles at each layer. It'll add in some color and fun. I went with rainbow sprinkles since this was a birthday, but I would absolutely add in raspberries the next time. They squish down nicely unlike strawberries or blueberries.
+ whole or broken up oreos? I went with whole since this was my first cake but I think the next time, I'll do a combination of both. With the size pan I used, I had three layers of oreo and whip cream. I would do the bottom and top layer as whole oreos and in the middle do broken ones. Not only will this make it easier to cut up but I think it would also be fine aesthetically.

  1. Make your whip cream (or use cool whip). For the 11-12 inch pan, you really need a lot of whip cream so use the quart of heavy whipping cream.
  2. Once you've made your whip cream, reserve about a cup of it to the side for the decoration later. With the rest of the whip cream gently fold in cocoa powder. You will need at least 1/4 cup but add more if you like it chocolate-y. 
  3. Line the bottom of your springform pan with oreos. If you use an 11 or 12 inch pan (I can't remember exactly), it'll be 19 exactly! But don't stress, just make sure you've got a nice even layer.
  4. Add a thick layer of whip cream to the top of the oreos and spread it out to all the edges and in all the cracks. Then add in another layer of oreos! If you'd like sprinkle in some fruit or decorative sprinkles here before your next layer of whip cream. 
  5. Repeat the layers until you make it to the top of the pan. The top of the pan should be whip cream.
  6. Cover with plastic wrap and put in the fridge for 6-8 hours. If you are tight on time, you can put it in the freezer for a bit. The goal of the fridge time is not only to set the cake but also to soften the oreos, so you really can't just shorten the time completely but doing all freezer time.
  7. Once your cake is set, pull from the fridge and run a knife along the edge of the pan just to free it before opening the springform. This will prevent cracking.
  8. Using the reserved white whip cream, you can decorate the top. I put it in a small plastic bag, cut off the corner and piped some small decorative circles. 

Shopping List
2 bags of oreos (make sure you have 60)
1 quart of whipping cream

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