week 41 + 42

Hey, remember when I said we'd have an occupancy permit two weeks ago? I was a liar. This is why you shouldn't have expectations.

It was an especially quiet week at the house. I feel like I really need to push to close out this last phase. I don't need everything 100% complete but I just want to be able to move things into closets. I'm not sure why I feel like that but I do. I'd also like to hang a shower curtain.

There is something very lazy, and satisfying, that it took until this point for me to double up on post weeks. The thing is I just don't want to sit at my computer anymore - and it's really affecting a lot of things - more than just this weekly blog post. But, I've loved reading these posts back over time so it's worth doing these write-ups for sure.

If I was to summarize things that were exciting I would say:
+ I can now shower in the house because of the doors
+ The fireplace works
+ I won't have brown water anymore because of my filter

Things that are frustrating:
+ the kitchen soffit crisis of 2018 continues. The pieces that were brought today were not the right color. So the kitchen will not be done by the time I move in
+ growing a lawn in the summer is an uphill battle
+ there is ALWAYS something to buy or improve. shelving for the cellar, storage bins for the linen closet

Week 41
things that happened this week:
insulation in the cellar
door knobs in
tile backsplash
confirmed shower doors
cut the lawn for the first time

need to:
window cleaner
schedule movers

Week 42
things that happened this week:
lots of punch list items
electrical is nearly done just a few items left
all the lights are up!
plumbing is done
installed a water filter system
shower doors installed
fireplace turned on
alarm system installed

need to:
prep the house for movers next week!
call Comcast
get washer/dryer delivered
continue to find punchlist items around the house

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