week 39

Sometimes during this project, I've reflected back on the moment where I lost it on the streets of Somerville. It's comical to me at this point that I lost it so early on in this process. Nothing had even happened yet. We hadn't discovered a rotting foundation. I hadn't seen bill after bill after bill. There wasn't an apron sink shortage. There wasn't a gap in the kitchen soffit. All that had happened was trying to get a mortgage.

For example, on Friday I missed two calls from the gas company trying to install the meter. I had no idea that I had to be there for this process... because nobody told me. I managed to convince the guy to come back later in the day. Meanwhile, the guys show up to refinish the floors for the last time. In doing so, that meant the dishwasher had to be delivered to the back door... and they promptly dragged it over my infant baby lawn. Also, since the floors were refinished that meant I couldn't get to the basement... and therefore, had to tell the nice gas meter man to actually not come because we couldn't get into the house. This was all in the span of 3 hours.

We are getting so close to being done with this project that I can't wait. I want to transition from researching lightbulbs to determining where my seal art is going to hang. To be clear, seal art was actually painted by a seal.

I don't think this is really a lesson in multi-tasking honestly but more like perhaps being a kindergarten teacher. I feel like I'm constantly checking in with people to make sure they are okay - and to see what they need. So far nobody has "wet their pants", but more than once I feel like I've stumbled upon someone "coloring outside the lines". Is this analogy too complicated yet? Either way, this week has been a lesson in constructive feedback and patience.

We are still working through the kitchen soffit crisis of 2018 but the kitchen is coming together. The countertops are supposed to be delivered on Monday. The stove was delivered on Thursday and it was worth everything. It is a showpiece. I can't wait to make my first incredibly shameful simple dinner on it.

things that happened
pretty much all the plumbing fixtures got installed
stove, dishwasher, and fridge were delivered
floors were refinished for the last time

things that didn't happen
didn't buy a fence
didn't buy glass shower doors
didn't buy closet storage
gas meter not installed

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