week 40

So if this house was a baby, we would be ready to deliver.... and since this house is my baby... that is actually close to true. According to Jim the Contractor, we should have an occupancy permit in the next week (or so).

This was a pretty weird week given the big holiday smack in the middle of it. In this town nobody really works on / around the 4th of July and as a result it was a pretty weird week progress wise. Some things happened of course but mainly the progress could be categorized under "things I bought online and am waiting for UPS to deliver". The real heroes of home renovation might be UPS/FedEx/USPS. Everything comes delivered these days.

So what did happen this week? Countertops were delivered on Monday ... and that is pretty much it. The painters also came back for a round of touch-ups and to paint the front door again. The door has either 6 or 8 coats on it at this point. Apparently red requires so many because it's such a deep color or something like that.

But if I was to really summarize how I personally spent my time this week it would moving sprinklers around and measuring for mirrors. Mirrors are the worst. There was a hiccup with the hall bathroom light that needed to be replaced as well - so it felt like two moving pieces. It was hard to measure for a mirror there without having a confirmed light fixture. However, when I realized that Wayfair will take back ANYTHING without fees and give you store credit, I literally just bought 3 mirrors and am convinced that one of them will work. If not, I give up and will just never look in a mirror ever again.

Things that happened this week
countertops were delivered + installed
pulled the stove back out to fix the electrical plug
gas meter was installed

Things that I bought online this week
door locks
bathroom fixtures (towel ring, toilet paper holder, towel hooks)
sink mat for kitchen sink
sprinklers for the lawn
tv + bracket for the living room
new bed frame for the master bedroom

Things that we've scheduled/almost purchased
glass shower doors --> need to finalize, happening in two weeks
closet shelving --> happening this coming week

Things that I haven't done anything about but probably should
fence install
alarm + tv install
talk to Comcast

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