Bathroom #2

I'm really beginning to love this bathroom. I have always liked the big natural light coming in during the day, but as the design takes shape more... I'm falling in love with it. And - the most recent piece of the puzzle makes me even more confident - for now.... at least. I found a vanity that I don't hate and kind of love.

The overall vibe for this bathroom is hard to define. The users could be anyone - literally. It'll be the bathroom that any kids use - so it needs to be durable-ish. It'll also be the bathroom that my best friend Meghan uses when she visits. I don't want it to feel any less serene or put together because at some point toddlers might poop in the tub here.

Going with a 1-inch hexagon tile. It'll be primarily white, but with a decorative black border. The design is a bit TBD but will be nothing super complex. Once we talk to the tile person, it'll probably be based on the manual labor required to do the custom design.
Products: 1-inch hexagon white and black tiles
While the downstairs bathroom will be half subway tile, this bathroom will be half beadboard / wainscoting / whatever you'd like to call it. The design will be similar to anything else that is done for the rest of the house.

So, it'll pretty much be the same white subway tile as is being used in the downstairs bathroom but most likely in the traditional size (3x6). We'll use the same black 1-inch hexagon tile to do a decorative outline on the long shower wall. The tub is an American Standard Americast with the "luxury ledge". So fancy right?
Tile = 1-inch hexagon black tiles and 3x6 matte white subway tile
Tub = Americast ​Princeton 60 x 34 with Luxury Ledge
Fixtures = shower head + hand spray unit (Kohler - Bancroft)

TBD. I can't even think about this really. Also lighting is pretty far down the list of things to worry about - although fast approaching. Either way, it'll be sconces on either side of the mirror. I don't want my insecure teenager to feel worse because of bad lighting in the morning.
Product: TBD

Sink Vanity
So much back and forth on this one... and I think I love where I'm headed. Since the very beginning, I've wanted to do a slightly oversized sink in this bathroom. And I found one - attached to a vanity in white. There are downsides, like less storage but I think I love it.
Product: Modern Farmhouse Console Sink from Pottery Barn; Faucet = TBD

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