Week 30

I made a list yesterday of all the lighting fixtures / options that I need to pick out and buy. How it is possible that there are still so many things to select? Yes, I get it. We took absolutely everything out of this house except the stairs... so of course I have to pick all the lighting - but man alive.

For this project, I ended up hiring a friend of mine to do the painting. I remember back when I first sat down with Contractor Jim and telling him that I could do the painting myself. Yes, theoretically as a human I could paint this house - but no, not really. The attention to detail and speed is just not something that I'm capable of. Also, the entire inside of the house needs to be painted. I'd be painting for a lifetime.

This decision was reenforced when I saw the first colors going up on the walls. So amazing. I'm in love with the details of this house even more. The palate is absolutely a million shades of gray but I like that. It'll encourage me to show color with rugs, textiles, and art.

The other gem of the week is the kitchen cabinets. I finally got around to writing back to this angel of a woman/kitchen designer.... and realized that I had completely misread her last email. Long story short? The corner cabinet wasn't going to fit because of my beautiful big window... and now everything around the window looked off-balance... at least to me it does. So, we are working on this. The encouraging news is that Contractor Jim thinks he might be able to figure this out. I'm not going to cross this off my list yet - but we are making progress and this will absolutely be done this week.

Things that happened
Bought the master bath vanity
Finalized paint colors
Painters started to paint!
Rehab on the stairs started
Met with the tile guy, Francis
Met with the electrician, Peter
Met with another landscaper
Wood floors got delivered

Things that didn't happen
I didn't buy the hall bathroom vanity yet
I haven't finalized the cabinet order yet

Things that need to happen next week
Buy master vanity
Make lighting decisions

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