week 26

This uneven, crooked old beach house .... is really starting to look like a house people can live in again. This wasn't a huge week for house progress but it was a huge week for me sending emails. Turns out the most responsive people in the world are shower door salespeople. Man, they really want your business.

I met with Contractor Jim on Thursday and asked him to give me a prioritized list of the things the cared about. While initially it is overwhelming, I actually feel pretty good. I've got nearly all of these in flight - or have already made the decision.

1. Ceramic Tile
I’m 66% of the way done. Just need to think about the master bathroom.
2. Vanities
I may have led Jim to believe I was further along than I really am - but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I only need two vanities (hall bath and master bath).
3. Paint Colors
I made an appointment for a free paint color consultation. Apparently I need fabric swatches in advance of that… they are going to be disappointed in me. I just know it.
4. Flooring
DONE-ish. It’s really going to be heart pine. Just need to wait on pricing
5. Light Fixtures
No idea. Literally none.
6. Landscaping
I’ve got a mock in progress. Related, Jim is for sure tired of me saying “I’ve got a mock for that”.
7. Toilets
DONE-ish. I made this decision before I figured out faucets.
8. Fireplace Stone
No idea. Literally none.
One thing that Jim and I talked about was all of the wainscot detailing that I had thought about. In the event you were wondering... it isn't free. Fundamentally, I'd rather have a new fence for the side yard in the immediate future so these plans are very much in flux. Some options? 
  • Option A = just mudroom + bathroom
  • Option B = mudroom + bathroom + upstairs hall
  • Option C = mudroom + bathroom + upstairs hall + stairs
  • Option D = mudroom + bathroom + upstairs hall + stairs + chair rail in front room
  • Option E = original plan
In the spirit of draining the old bank account, I also met with two painters. If I've learned one thing in this whole process, it is get two quotes for everything because you just learn so much. One painter felt confident that the stairwell should be soda-blasted (yes, that's a thing). The other painter, felt that was overkill. 

The last fascinating note is that heart pine wood floor pricing is dynamic. So, the house has pine floors which are pretty great and we are keeping them.... but we also need more to replace the room that had linoleum floors. While there are cheaper flooring options, they wouldn't match and might not be as durable. Apparently there are no more "new trees" for heart pine floors... so all the inventory comes from old barns and factories (cool) but this also means, inventory is subject to when people take down old barns and factories (less cool). 

what happened:
plastering finished on Saturday and Monday
interior doors arrived
agreed to put in two sub pumps for cellar drainage
talked about wood floor pricing --> this is bananas btw, see above.
went to the tile store to finalize two bathrooms

emails I sent:
request for shower door quote to 5 companies
painting quote to 2 companies
soda blasting quote to 1 company

what didn't happen:
apparently the electric company is still highly confused about my identity and can't switch the power to permanent
didn't email the nice kitchen lady yet --> I'm a terrible person

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