Week 28

Let's do some quick math. 28 divided by 4 is 7. So we are 7 months into this project as of now. A whole lot of that time has been spent on rebuilding this house from it's slightly dilapidated state.... and now it looks brand new. At this point, it feels like there is both a lot and not a lot left to happen. The rooms look like humans could actually live in them - which is a far cry from how they appeared just a couple weeks back.

When I was about 2 years old my parents bought their first house and heavily renovated it ... and lived in it the entire time. They are stronger than I am. But, we are getting closer to wrapping up this show. I walked through the house this week with the painter and it's wild to think we are actually picking interior colors.
This phase right now feels like a lot of reaching out to people. I've emailed 6 people about shower doors, 5 people about soda-blasting the staircase, and now I'm on to landscaping. I have some rough idea of what I want to be doing but really need a few other pieces to fall into place first. Primarily everything hinges upon the septic system and whether or not it will be good.... or bad. If it's good, then I'm landscaping real soon. If it's bad, then I'm throwing more money into a pit.

As a side note, it literally feels like $1000 is the new $500. I remember when we first started this project it felt like everything cost $500... and now I feel like the new number is $1000. This rule applies to alarm systems, shower doors, wall paneling, tub faucets, vanities, and more.

Things that happened this week
trim work continued, moved down to the 1st floor
hired a painter (Wolfe Painting)
painting prep work started on the exterior
went to the tile store - again
talked about the stair handrail style

Things that didn't happen this week
cancelled the paint color consult session with Hingham Lumber, moved to next week

Things I need to decide on next week for reals
final decision on kitchen cabinets
buy the hall bathroom vanity?
determine the master bath vanity?
absolutely finalize tile order

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